Xam Idea – CCE Series Science: Summarative Assessment-II Formative Assessment-3 & 4 (Class IX) (Term 2)

Xam IdeaXam Idea – CCE Series Science: Summarative Assessment-II Formative Assessment-3 & 4 (Class IX) (Term 2) (Paperback)
Publisher: Vk Global Publications Pvt. Ltd. (2012)

Book Summary of Xam Idea – CCE Series Science: Summarative Assessment-II Formative Assessment-3 & 4 (Class IX) (Term 2)

Education is and will never be limited to books and information! The wise thought has persisted through the stands of time to find a new meaning and a fresh dimension yet again as we begin to explore the different facets of the Continues and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Endorsing the thought to its core, CCE plans to develop knowledge skills and attitudes that excite, stimulate and motivate young learners into doubting, questioning and investigating the information provided. Then, embark on the next obvious step to evaluate and analyse their learning experiences which offer several cues to think independently and shape their conclusions most rationally. This is certainly how CCE suggests, building block by block, the firm foundation on which the edifice of higher knowledge and greater learning may be erected as children undertake their own cheerful journey into formal education.

Knowledge is power and education is a means to attain it. The ‘knowledge power’ is what drives the world, instils ground-breaking changes and elevates us higher into development. Thus, it has always remained necessary that adequate knowledge is acquired and apt evlauation systems be in practice to gauge the learning achieved. CCE thus, also imbibes in itself all the various aspects that are crucial to a system of school-based evaluation of students that is fundamentally focused upon their overall development. The prime objectives of the scheme are:

  • to develop cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills
  • to lay emphasis on thought process and de-emphasise memorisation
  • to make evaluation an integral part of teaching-learning process
  • to use evaluation for improvement of students’ achievement and teaching-learning strategies on the basis of regular diagnosis followed by remedial instructions
  • to use evaluation as a quality control device to maintain desired standards of performance
  • to determine social utility, desirability or effectiveness of a programme and take appropriate decisions about the learner, the process of learning and learning environment
  • to make the process of teaching and learning a learner-centred activity

The programme is a constructive, desirable and an enabling process that links up all the vital elements of a wholesome assessment to empower the learners with exhaustive knowledge without a pinch of burden. Simply put, it seeks to revolutionise the process of education where learning is considered nothing but joy and progress.

The scheme is fundamentally a curricular initiative, attempting to shift emphasis from testing to holistic learning. It aims at creating good citizens possessing sound health, appropriate skills and desirable qualities, besides academic excellence. It is hoped that CCE will equip the learners to meet the challenges of life with confidence and success!

Table of Contents

    • Atoms and Molecules
    • Structure of the Atom


    • Diversity in Living Organisms
    • Why Do We Fall Ill
    • Natural Resources


    • Floatation
    • Work and Energy
    • Sound
    • Sample Question Papers
    • Model Question Papers
    • Practical-based Multiple Choice Questions

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